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Β·Jun 22, 2019Β·

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How often do we need to use Xcode build Variables? One of the most used cases is when we need to build a New Run Script Phase, variables like $SRCROOT, $PROJECT_DIR and SWIFT_VERSION are used by many people, but how many of those variables exist? is this a static list? 🀯

So the answer is NO, this is not a static list, in fact, this is based on your project, of course, there is a list of variables that are the same in all projects, but as you know you can define your own Build Settings πŸ˜‹

Let’s create a new Build Setting called MYPROJECT_SETTING with the value of Testing. Just go to Build Settings, find the (+), choose Add User-Defined Setting, and then create the variable, done πŸ’ͺ


Now how about the other build variables? how we know them, easy peasy, just open terminal, do this.


You should get a list of all variables.


That’s all 🧐

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